Terms & Conditions

Before you make an order with us, please go through our terms and conditions.


We, at Online Exam Expert, provide you with unlimited revisions for free. That means we don't charge any amount if you need any further changes in the content. We request our customers to provide us clear instructions and guidelines related to their order to avoid any confusion later in the process.


  • If we, at Online Exam Expert, fail to deliver your order as per the commitment, or the work is not delivered in time, then we run the refund on our client's request.
  • Refund requests are only entertained in the limited time after the order is delivered.
  • 50% of the total amount is always kept as service charges and never gets refunded in any circumstances.
  • Students must inform us 70 days before the order is cancelled. After that, the service itself will deal with the refund request accordingly.
  • If the order is canceled by client without work being done or for any reason/change of mind, then the refund isn't applicable. We only refund if we fail or do not provide work on time.
  • Online Exam Expert offers 24/7 assistance to clients and answers customer's queries promptly. Any kind of change could be made in the service without any announcement, considering the customers are always requested to visit our website whenever they place their order.
  • Online Exam Expert is not involved in any fraudulent activity such as plagiarism. Students are requested not to present our work as their own.
  • For further queries, customers are requested to contact our support team at any time
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